vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Et la fête votive à Sitges – le défilé.

The major fete in Sitges began just before we left – this was the parade.
Les ‘géants’ Catalans.  Catalan ‘giants’.

Le dragon - beaucoup de feux d'artifice.
One of the 'dragons' and some of the fireworks.

 Et des tapas  y inclus des petites anguilles.  More tapas - this time with baby eels!

2 commentaires:

Krys and Paul a dit…

Mmm - I loved those baby eels - hope yours were as good. Great photos of the fete - they really know how to put on a parade. We say the Palm Sunday on in Malaga - and joined the lunch crowd after - definitely worth it!

Krys and Paul a dit…

'saw' not 'say'