lundi 22 avril 2013

22 avril Une Promenade. A walk.

Apres le grand repas d’hier, j’ai retrouvé mes copines pour une petite promenade de Carlux à Simeyrols.  (Quand-même, 2 ½ heures)
After yesterday’s excess, I went out with my friends for a little walk from Carlux to Simeyrols, just north of us. Still, it was 2 ½ hours.
 Dans le bois.  In the woods.
Et sur la route. And on the road.
 Une petite rainette.  A little frog (called a rainetteO
 Quand c'est vert. c'est vraiment vert.  When it's green, it's really green. 

4 commentaires:

Krys and Paul a dit…

Gorgeous! Love the toad!

Carlux a dit…

NOT A TOAD. A frog they tell me. Note the fluorescent green on the fields.

John Knight a dit…

I look at these pics and I can FEEL it!

Krys and Paul a dit…

Do they spray that colour on? lol