vendredi 13 février 2015

le 7 fevrier Le jardin de Stellenberg

On est allé visiter le jardin de Stellenberg, 1,6 hectares dans le centre de Cape Town, ouvert le 7 février.  L’histoire de la propriété  date à 1697, quand les hollandais sont arrivés.

We went to see the garden at Stellenberg, in the centre of Cape Town, which was open to the public on 7th February.  The estate dates back to 1697, and the house to the 18th century.  The owners of the house refused to follow the style of ‘’Victorianisation’, and so it has kept its thatched roof and original doors and windows.  The garden consists of 4 acres in the centre of the city, with a white garden, a formal herb garden, a wilderness area, lovely lawns …

La maison, avec la Montagne de la Table derrière.  The house, with Table Mountain behind. 

Assez confortable!  Quite comfortable.

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Krys and Paul a dit…

What a fabulous house! The gardens are pretty cool too. Interesting water tanks -