mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Le Havre de Sydney. Sydney Harbour

Notre appart à Manly est entre les plages de Manly et de Freshwater, et sur le havre de Sydney.  Donc, pour aller dans le centre ville, on prend le ferry – souvent jaune et vert.  Et chaque fois on voit le ‘Opera House.’

Our apartment at Manly is between the Manly and Freshwater Beaches, and on Sydney Harbour.  So every time we go into the city we have to take one of the traditional green and yellow ferries.  And each time we see the Opera House!

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Krys and Paul a dit…

Whoohoo! Such classic shots - loved the ferries - remember that movie with Judy Davis and the ferry that sank? Actually I think it was about the orphan child.