mardi 28 décembre 2010

Comment on voyage - nos valises. How we are travelling - our luggage

Puis, on a commence à préparer les valises, et Harry a suggéré qu’on essaie de n’avoir que des bagages à main. Ahhh… Plusieurs décisions – ne prendre qu’un ordinateur portable, et pas d’objectifs. Il a fallu acheter encore un appareil photo, bien sur. Mais j’ai découvert que dans ma petite valise (l'orange, a gauche) je pouvais mettre 4 pantalon, 4 chemisiers, 2 t-shirts, 2 maillots de bain, des sandales, une deuxième paire de chaussures, de la lingerie, des cosmétiques, du maquillage, des médicaments, Dans la mallette noir, des dossiers, des livres, etc. Je porte une veste polaire en cas de fraicheur. Et surtout une veste avec 18 poches, où on peut mettre des documents, l’appareil photo, l’IPod. On a probablement trop de poids, mais pour le moment ca marche.

Then, as we started getting ready, Harry suggested that we take only carry-on luggage with us, assuring me that we could do this. Hmmm… Several big decisions were to take only one laptop, and no extra camera lenses. That involved the purchase of another camera, but hey… In my orange carryon bag I did discover that I could fit 4 pairs of trousers, 4 shirts, 2 t-shirts, 2 bathing suits, sandals, slightly heavier shoes, plus underwear, medicines, cosmetic ( as much as could fit into one plastic bag) The computer case actually carries files, books, etc. A fleece jacket for cooler weather gets worn, as do the heaviest shoes. And one other essential ingredient. A jacket with 18 pockets, removable sleeves Holds camera, documents, IPod (even an IPad if we had one). I suspect we have exceeded the weight restrictions, but so far it’s working

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Krys and Paul a dit…

Are you packing up in case you have to be evacuated? Or is it already time to leave?

Raymond Bouma a dit…

hmmm...i only managed to travel to France with TWO sets of hand luggage... All best wishes for the new year and happy travelling. Paddy