dimanche 27 février 2011

Mais il y a aussi la vie de tous les jours à Bagan – le marché, les calèches, et les enfants qui jouent devant chez eux, entre des prunes qui sèchent.

But there is also daily life in Bagan – the market, the pony carts, and children playing in front of their house, between rows of plums drying.

Et Harry, enrhumé, qui demande de l’aide à Bouddha, en appliquant une feuille d’or sur son nez.
And Harry, asking for Buddha’s help with his cold, by applying gold leaf to his nose

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Krys and Paul a dit…

What a beautiful market shot! What are the little grren things? What is drying in the next shot? Did Susan get to drive? Really love the background in the Buddha shot - perfect setting for Harry's unusual pose!